Weekly Check-in 137

I'm not quite sure what happened at the end of last week, but I thought I'd blog now rather than on Sunday. After our services we are heading over to Retford for a joint 30th and 60th birthday party! So here's a recap of the last 12 days or so. I've been to... a talk [...]

Weekly Check-In 136

Happy Sunday (early hours of Monday because it was midnight by the time I remembered!) This week has been good, but full! I've been to a trustees meeting, spoken to St Giles Women's Fellowship about knitting, had lunch with the Golden Girls, and done a funeral meeting, a retreat morning, admin, service writing, pastoral visits [...]

Weekly check-in 134

I realise that it won't look like it from the pot of tea and large orange and chocolate hot cross bun in the picture above, but I've actually been quite busy this week! Apart from the day off on Monday which involved watching TV, eating chocolate, demolishing hot cross buns, and wandering in the garden, [...]