Weekly Check-in 104

I don't like to be a Negative Nellie but this week is getting 3/10. That being said, there were some highlights: Receiving a huge freezer meal parcel from my mother-in-law. We went for our 38 week appointment and despite headaches, vision changes and sickness, my blood pressure, my urine (sorry) and baby's heart rate are [...]

2021 Reading Challenge (Part 1)

So this year is a very slow year in terms of my annual reading challenge! The aim of the reading challenge is to read a book a week, but it's really no worries if you miss some... or many, in my case! Anyway, here are the seven books I've read in the first half of [...]

Weekly Check-in 103

Gosh, does anybody else think that Fridays are just coming around too fast?! Anyway, happy Friday! I'm giving this week 6/10. Highlights of my week include: Birthday celebrations for my mother-in-law at the weekend. My last Sunday in church and finally starting my leave! A gorgeous maternity photoshoot with one of our best friends and [...]