Weekly Check-in (12)

Happy Friday, world! It’s weekly update day!

After a very brief catch up with a couple of good friends on Saturday morning, I came back to Formby to see Nathan. I was tired from the drive so Nathan cooked fish fingers with homemade chips – yum!

On Sunday we had five services and a teddy bear picnic between us, and as it was our anniversary, we went our for dinner in Southport once we had clocked off. We had a lovely day seeing lots of gorgeous church people and then celebrating together afterwards. We may have sat in the restaurant yawning by the time it was 9.30 (we cannot hack late nights out anymore), but it was still a really great anniversary!

The rest of the week has mostly been about getting back into the swing of things after a lot of travel over the last few weeks. As well as the normal admin and meetings, this week has included; a farewell lunch for a vicar who is moving on with clergy from the deanery; seeing my best friend from Uni and her boyfriend in Liverpool; a clergy study day on the three New Testament letters called 1, 2 and 3 John; and the hoover getting fixed!

I think a special highlight was the study day. I really enjoyed it because the content was great, it was lovely to catch up with friends from across the diocese and, on a slightly different note, I loved using my laptop to make pretty mind maps as I listened! The day almost made me miss studying!

Mindmap from John 2

This week I’ve been spending some time thinking about finding peace in the uncertainty of life. Sometimes, it might feel like there is so much up in the air, but it’s important to remember that Jesus gives us peace that the world cannot give. We are living in difficult and challenging times. It seems to get worse every time I turn on the TV. It’s easy to feel bewildered and hopeless, to say the least! So in the midst of uncertain and challenging times, I’ve been trying to learn to hold on to God, even in the chaos.

Anyway, deeper stuff aside, this afternoon I’m having my hair cut and then we are off to buy a second car for when Nathan passes his test! This evening we are sharing a meal with the ministry team at Holy Trinity & St Michael’s.

How has your week been? I’d love to hear!

Much love,



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in (12)

  1. My week has been challenging, if you want a week off you have to make up half of the hours before to get ahead and the other half of the house when you get back to catch up so you might as well not bother. Xxxxxxxx


  2. Ooh, I haven’t had a fish finger since I don’t know when!! I used to like a fish finger sandwich. I imagine a study day is something to cherish in your busy schedule. I’m looking forward to our Vocational Discernment weekend in November.
    (“our” being the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe)


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