Holy Week in a pandemic: Tuesday

9.30am I’ve said morning prayer with the lovely folk from Holy Trinity and St Michael’s, and I’m ready to start thinking about filming this assembly. Today I’ll also be sorting out what I’m saying for the service on Sunday and calling round people making sure that they are doing ok.

11am I have just finished doing some phone ministry. I have spoken to 10 people today, some for a couple of minutes and others for twenty. There’s no way that I would be able to do 10 visits in a normal day in parish, even if they were very short!

12.00pm We have just finished the filming and I only had to say ‘cut’ once, which I think is quite impressive! Do you like our very high tech camera stand?

It’s blu-tack stuck on a plant pot!

4.00pm It’s such a beautiful day here! Over the last 48 hours, the blossom has started to grow on the tree that I can see from my study window.

Spring is definitely here! For the second day in a row I have had no need of a jacket on our afternoon walk. What joy to have some warm weather, even if it is in lockdown!

9.00pm I’ve had quite a nice day. This afternoon I have started to edit the video for the assembly, cooked tea and finished my book about the faith of Queen Elizabeth.

In the reading from this morning, the disciples asked Jesus which of them is the greatest. Jesus replied ‘it’s not about that, you’ve missed the point (Poppy paraphrase).

It’s reassuring to know that even at the end of three years travelling with Jesus, they could still get it wrong! In the kingdom of God, the lowest, the poorest, the least, the meekest, the simplest, the weakest, the most vulnerable and the most servant-hearted are first. Not those who say ‘which of us is the best?’.

It’s a challenge, and I am grateful for the reminder.