Weekly Check-in 116

Hello and welcome back to a Weekly Check-in after the busyness of Holy Week!

Highlights of this week:

If you read my Holy Saturday blog you’ll know that we had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt event! That was a definite highlight of the last 7 days.

Baptism prep with an eight year old and her family.

Going to the family fun day at Christ Church on Tuesday.

Designing something fun and different for church on Sunday.

Challenge: Processing Holy Week has been interesting. There is a lot of stuff that I’m delighted with but some that was frustrating. There’s certainly food for thought.

God Moment: Prayer walking around the parish while Sophia napped in her pram.

Ta-Dah Moment: ticking off lots of admin and printing.

Foodbank: Sophia and I had a nice time keeping a couple of children entertained while the paperwork was being completed for their parents’ order. This week the team fed 32 people.

Mum moment: Sophia’s new thing is standing up while she holds our hands or balances on her wooden babygym. It’s quite scary and in one way I don’t know why I’m encouraging her because when she starts moving, life will be a lot harder! But she’s so pleased with herself when she does it, she just giggles away!

Prayer walking

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