On her first birthday

One whole year of being Sophia’s Mama and it’s harder and better than I ever imagined.

She is bold, brave and bright. She’s cheeky and chunky. She is delightful, determined and occasionally dramatic (no idea where she gets that from!).

She loves books, chocolate, chicken and light shades. She is partial to orange but she doesn’t like banana. She’s very fond of the Tellytubbies, Thomas the Tank and OrtyBaby from TikTok. She likes to touch and play with hair, the longer the better. She can say mama, dada, burbur (when she wants a feed) and bye-bye.

If she can see it, she wants to touch it. If she can touch it, she wants to explore every inch of it.

We sing a pre bath time song to the tune of the Elephant March from the Jungle Book. The post bath song sounds a bit like Hakuna Matata. When she lies on her back and grabs her feet, I say ‘you tell them toes!’. And we say ‘Oh dear Sophia’ when she sneezes.

She makes me a better person and it is an honour to be her Mum.

We’ve had the loveliest weekend, what with her baptism yesterday, the party that followed, church this morning and an afternoon with her Grandparents.

I just wanted to take a moment, as the day draws to a close, to say that it’s been the happiest year of my life. On our wedding day, our preacher, Jenny, said that the best was yet to come. I didn’t understand – it was my wedding day, wasn’t this all I’d ever wanted? But she was right.

It isn’t always easy. Actually, it’s bloody hard work and some days are really tough. And I’d love it if she would sleep a bit more.

But it has been such a wonderful year. So, let’s see how we get on with a toddler, shall we?

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