Christmas: On the move

At the churches I work in, this year during the carol services, we've been thinking about what Christmas means to us. The clergy and readers have spent a few minutes talking about what Christmas means to them, and after much thought, I came up with this. As it’s my second Christmas ordained, to be honest, [...]


Nearly 2 years ago to the day, Nathan and I had meal with our closest friends in Durham to celebrate our engagement. We booked a table at Pizza Express and we were delighted when six of our friends came to munch some delicious carbs and share a bottle or two. We were even more delighted [...]

Greenbelt 2018

Ten years ago, I went to a Christian festival for the first time. I went with good family friends and when we arrived, I was astounded to see that there were so many young people there. I didn't know there were that many young Christians in the country, let alone at one festival! I experienced different types [...]