Chop Chop!

In a week’s time, I am going to look very different. My hair that I started growing when I was 19 is going to be chopped off for charity! It’s going to be super short, pixie style in fact, so one of my jobs for this week is to buy a big, warm, fluffy bobble hat!

I’ve been considering donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust since our wedding last September. It was one of moments when I thought: I’ll get around to it at some point. Then one of my friends from school, Rick, became poorly with Leukaemia and when he was ill, he campaigned for a charity called The Anthony Nolan Trust. This charity works with people who need stem cell transplants and they also recruit people to be stem cell donors.

Through Rick, many people have joined the stem cell donor register. I read up about the Anthony Nolan Trust, signed up to be a donor myself and thought: I’m not good at running marathons, like many of my other friends have done, but I could do a sponsored hair chop!

Sadly, after such a brave fight, Rick passed away at the end of summer. I didn’t get to tell him about my plans to do a sponsored hair chop for Anthony Nolan. But as everything about Rick was kind and generous, I thought I could do something to help people in need. At his funeral, we listened to the song Be More Kind by Frank Turner. It reminds me to try to be more kind everyday, like Rick was, and I hope that by doing this I will make a difference to someone else, even if I don’t know them.

So, my hair is going to The Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig for a child who has lost their own hair through chemotherapy and I am raising money for Anthony Nolan.

There’s six days to go before the event. I had an initial target of £500, but with the online donations and gifts from many people in Formby and Retford, I have beaten that, and I’ve decided to increase the target to £1000. It’s a big target, but on Saturday there will be a coffee morning with a tombola, raffle, cake stall and pick a card, so I’m hoping to raise enough there to reach the £1000 mark! Every penny will make a huge difference to people who are having a really tough time, so if you can, please do come along on Saturday or consider donating through my JustGiving Page.

But more than anything, I’d love it if more people could sign up to be stem cell donors. I saw through Anthony Nolan’s twitter account that the family of a baby spent Christmas in hospital with their little one who has been diagnosed with Leukaemia. As if this wasn’t awful enough, they are yet to find a match for a stem cell transplant, which could potentially save this child’s life. It would be amazing to think that through Rick and this hair chop, someone else would join the register and be willing to help a family in need such as this.

Nine times out of then, the process of donating stem cells in not invasive, but instead it takes a few hours, and the donor is linked up to a machine that harvests the cells from the blood. For very little inconvenience, you could save a life! So if you’re aged 16-30, or know anyone who is, please head over to the Anthony Nolan website to see how the process works. For more info, click here.

So that’s what’s happening! On the Saturday morning, the lovely ladies from Prides in Formby are coming to chop 4 plaits off my head. I will post these to The Little Princess Trust, and they will send them to their factory in china to be made into a wig. Then just before lunch, I will leave the coffee morning and go down to the salon to have the hair cut and styled super short.

I have to say, since launching the fundraising campaign, I have never had my hair touched by so many people! There have been a range of reactions, especially from those at church. Most have been positive, but some people are clearly going to miss my hair! I have been reminding them, and myself, that it’s just hair. To quote Jo March from Little Women ‘It won’t affect the state of the union, it will grow back!’.

But the most common question I have been asked is ‘what does Nathan say about it?’. Now, I have had short hair in the past but that was before I met Nathan, so he is going to be in for a bit of a shock! But I think that overall, he’s proud of me. This is something that is really important to me, and the Anthony Nolan Trust is a cause that I very much believe in. Nathan seems pleased that I’ve decided to run with this, even if he is a little less impressed by the idea of a 6.30am start on our day off to organise everything for the coffee morning!

Anyway, thank you for your support so far! Please do come down to the coffee morning, watch the video, or donate if you can. Holy Trinity Workshop will be open from 9am on Saturday and the actual hair chop is happening at 10.30.

It should be a lovely morning, and I’m going to ensure that one of Rick’s favourite artists, George Ezra, will be playing in the background.

Much love.



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