Mission approaching

I wasn’t going to blog throughout the mission because, let’s be honest, I should be engaging with people rather than typing on my phone, especially over the next few days!

But as I’m lying in bed listening to the wind blow outside, I just can’t help but get butterflies whenever I say to myself ‘it’s tomorrow!’. So jotting down a few thoughts seemed to good an opportunity to miss!

I tried rewriting ”Twas The Night Before Christmas” along the lines of ”Twas The Night Before Mission” but I got stuck at the bit about night caps…

Anyway, today is Ash Wednesday and this evening the Anglicans in town gathered together for a service. As it wasn’t one of the churches I work in, I got to just sit there and be. A rare treat! During the sermon we were reminded that, as exciting as the mission is, God’s mission in this place is 365 days a year. This is so very true. God is always on the move, no matter what.

And yet there is something especially exciting about months and months of planning and thinking and praying suddenly coming to fruition. Because anything can happen.

I think when the Bishops, teams, advocates, area deans and many others from the diocese gather in the Cathedral for the commissioning service tomorrow, it will be phenomenal. Because we’ve done the hard work. It will actually be happening and that means anything can happen!

We have got a gift that is worth giving, a message that is worth sharing, a story that is worth telling. And tell it we will! So tonight as I drift to sleep with butterflies in my stomach, I’m choosing to believe that anything can happen.

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