Mission Closing

Eyes stinging, body aching, brain slightly fuzzing, I’ve climbed into bed.

A collage of conversations, pictures, emotions, sights, sounds and colours swirl around as they begin to form into memories.

There is an absolute sense of joy and satisfaction of a job well done, as well as hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. There is also the beginning of a list called ‘things I learned as deanery advocate’.

There needs to be time for rest and reflection, but above all, ther needs to be prayer. Prayer for the people who were reached this weekend.

Like tiny little green shoots, delicate and fragile, finding a home in soft, spongy soil.

Like fresh green leaves on an old, grey tree which is twisted and bumpy.

Like daffodils and snow drops just about to squint at the world around them and steal a glance at a new season.

They all need water and sunshine.

The mission needed prayer. It needs prayer still.

Our hard work on this occasion may have come to an end but God’s work isn’t done. He is watering, growing, developing that which was planted this weekend.

So let’s pray that this was just the start of what God will do here in this place, with us, with his church and with his people. Let’s pray for water and sunshine.


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