Weekly Check-in (6)

This week can be summarized by the following words: funeral, flu and fillings.

When I got back from New Wine on Friday, my throat was a bit tickly and by Saturday it was a full blown, very heavy cold. I struggled to move at all! Apart from the funeral on Monday, communion and going to the dentist on Wednesday I haven’t done much apart from say Morning Prayer, rest and try to get better.

So, this week’s check-in is brought to you from the sofa. Hence the photo at the top.

I’m going to give this week 5/10. 

There have been lots of lovely elements to this week, and Margaret’s funeral was beautiful, but it was the hardest thing I have done as a minister so far. With a heavy cold that has left me with very little energy, it’s not been an easy week.

But sometimes, I think that these things can be well timed. It’s never nice to cough, sneeze and have a throbbing head ache, but it has forced me to slow down, take stock and do some reflecting.

I’m really grateful that it’s August because it means that it’s quiet. It doesn’t matter so much that I’ve taken time to stop, try and get better and binge watch Poldark this week. I’ve had time to reflect and process. I’ve also been able to do all the washing from New Wine, dry out the tent and finish off sorting out my wardrobe konmari style.

So, that’s about it, really. A huge thanks to Nathan whose sleep has been repeatedly disturbed due to my coughing and sneezing, and who makes the best cups of tea and amaretto cake!

Today, we’re off to Retford because it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow. On Monday we’re going out for a meal for my father-in-law’s birthday. Next Friday we are all going to Greenbelt, which will be so great! I love it when we get to see family more often. Seasons like this make you really appreciate what you’ve got.

Much love x

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