Weekly Check-in (9)


We are back from holiday and I have got that new school year feeling, meaning that I am feeling very productive and have a new packet of sticky notes!

Nathan and I had a very chilled time in Yorkshire this week, and after my last post, I put my phone – hereafter on this blog known as the pink anxiety box – out of reach and slept for 22 of the first 48 hours. We stayed in the Butler’s flat at the back of a big house near Richmond. It was the perfect little retreat for us. From there, we explored Richmond, had a day in Durham, ate tasty food and binge watched a lot of Big Bang Theory.

The week definitely gets 10/10. I love time like that with Nathan.

We arrived in an autumnal Formby this morning, and so far I have helped to take a funeral, written a huge to do list, caught up on my emails, done three loads of washing, cleaned the fridge and cooked tea.

How long this spurt of energy will last, nobody can tell, but I intend to make the most of it! However, I will be trying to pace myself a little better so that in the future I don’t have to sleep quite so much at the start of a holiday.

This afternoon I started filing some of the literature I picked up at Greenbelt, and I am slowly working my way through my new books too (see the picture at the top). I am trying to read more. I was fairly sick of books at the end of my MA and when I left college I just wanted to do ministry, but I have been reminded that my commitment to learning should be life-long, and so I am working on getting into the habit of reading more.

So, I am starting with Shameless by Nadia Bolz-Weber, because I was really struck by her talk at Greenbelt, and How to Pray by Stephen Cottrell, because I have long loved his books.

I’ll let you know how what I make of them.

More next week! 🙂

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