Weekly Check-in (11)

Today I am writing from a cafe in the village of Tuxford where I used to go to secondary school. I have been visiting the school today, talking to year 9 classes about how I came to be ordained, being asked lots of questions and catching up with former teachers! It has been a lovely day so far, but more of that later.

This week is getting 9/10.

It has been a good combination of creative and challenging, and although it’s been quite busy, there has been enough space to have down time.

Last weekend, I went to Retford for the Scarecrow Festival. On Saturday morning I drove around Ordsall and photographed all the scarecrows for the online competition; what a talented parish they are! I then spent the afternoon face painting and was on the road by 7, picking Nathan up from his Mum & Dad’s on the way back to Formby.

Sunday was busy, with Nathan and I having 6 services between us. We also had lunch with about 80 others from my churches. Once a quarter, our fab catering team put together a meal called the ‘Big Lunch’ where there is good chatter and a 2 course meal. On Sunday it was ham salad followed by strawberries and meringues!

Monday involved visiting a lovely colleague and a really successful meeting about sermons. I was home and the day was wrapped up by half 8. On Tuesday I had a morning in the office, spiritual direction in Liverpool, a doctors appointment (all fine) and a meeting of the anglican clergy in the area.

On Wednesday, I took 2 services and helped a lay reader take her first funeral- she was great! Then yesterday my boss came back off holiday so we had a couple of meetings and then I drove over to Retford in time for the opening of a new exhibition in the museum where my sister works.

The highlight of the week for me has to be today when I went back to school. I’m one of those strange people who loved school, and being there for the day has brought back so many fond memories. I really enjoyed chatting to the kids and I found teenagers easier to engage than I expected I would! I drove away in the sunshine feeling incredibly blessed and very aware of the way that Tuxford has helped to form me into who I am today.

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