Weekly Check-in (14)

Hello Friday!

It feels like it’s been a long week, so it’s getting 7/10.

Last Friday evening, Nathan and I had a ‘Potter & PJs party’ where we watched Harry Potter and ate our favourite party food – pulled pork nachos, spring rolls and onion rings – so healthy! It was very lovely to spend some time just the two of us.

On Saturday, we went into Liverpool to have lunch and drinks with one of Nathan’s oldest friends and his girlfriend. We had tapas at a place called Neon Jambon which was lush! On the train home, I finished reading Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. That evening, we met up with the team who went to Uganda in May. One of the ladies, Shena, had made a video of the trip with lots of pictures, film clips and music. It was such a beautiful video and I cried most of the way through even though I didn’t go! I am, in many ways, and in one word: jealous. 

Anyway, Sunday was one hefty harvest day! I was involved in/preached at/took the following services: 8.45 communion, 10.45 harvest parade, 12.30 baptism, 5.00 evensong. I also managed to fit a baptism visit in at 2! I went to see the family of a little boy who I am baptising in a couple of weeks. His 4 year old big brother was lovely and gave me a plastic ice cream cone with a plastic onion in it! Onion ice cream was a new one on me, but I really appreciated the thought!

Holy Trinity Parade Service

On Sunday evening, I went to St Peter’s (yes, another service!), to hear the Bishop preach and have a nice glass of red. To be honest, it was lovely to not be relied upon to do anything!

Monday was MOT day, which thankfully, the car passed! In the evening, I had PCC.

Tuesday was quite a sad day because I found out that the poorly man I visited last week has died. However, to brighten up the day, Granny & Grandpa came over from Wales to sit with Nathan as he practiced his driving. In the evening we had Alpha and we had one more person than last week!

On Wednesday, I did assembly and then gave the last of my Mrs Genesis sermons at the mid-week service. In the evening, Nathan and I went out for dinner in Southport and then went to see Lost Voice Guy, winner of Britain’s Got Talent, on tour. He was so funny, and I very much appreciated a laugh!

Yesterday, I had my tax appointment, did some funeral prep and visited a lady who has had a fall. Last night, Mark & I went to Liverpool to do the first Starting Theology session with people exploring vocation in the diocese. This is the second year that I’ve been involved, and I just love their enthusiasm and delightful nervousness as they explore what God might be calling them to next.

Today, I’ve done a visit and been to see the wonderful year 5 class at school to talk about the Bible. I’m now going to finish off my sermon for the Pause For Hope service on Sunday. This service is for all people who are affected by cancer. I’ve been invited to speak because I donated my hair to charity earlier in the year and raised money for the Anthony Nolan TrustI’ve known about the sermon for months, but I had mostly put it off until yesterday, because it feels like such a difficult sermon to write! Anyway, more about that next week.

The highlight of the week for me was at the end of the service on Sunday morning, singing my favourite hymn and praying the words ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow’ over the congregation. It was a beautiful moment.

The weekly star today is our reader, Sylvia, who does so many things quietly and efficiently all the time, but on Sunday she noticed that her curate didn’t have time for lunch and so came into church with butties, crisps and chocolate choux buns!

lunch from Sylvia

Until next time x


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