Weekly Check-in (19)

Hello from Derbyshire!

As you will guess from the photo above, this week has involved a lot of reading, Netflix-ing, eating and relaxing!

As we often do, Nathan and I have retreated to a nice cottage for a few days. This time we chose somewhere near to our friends because they’ve moved house and we’ve spent a couple of days on godparent duty (see picture below).

Both days were a lot of fun, but we’re very much enjoying a lazy day today!

So, this week began with a family meal on Friday night and fairly slow Saturday, involving a walk on the beach and a bit of packing.

On Sunday, I took the service at St Michael’s alongside the wonderful David. After the family service at Holy Trinity, I went home and finished packing. We then went to Holy Trinity for the civic Remembrance Service at 3 o’clock. By 4.30, we were in the car on the way to Derbyshire!

It’s been a great few days and I love it when I can feel the tension evaporating from my shoulders. I love watching Nathan unwind as well. And I love it when all the other things that fill our heads just drift away for a while.

This week has been the ideal gasp of air before plunging headlong into the run up to Christmas. The highlight for me been lots of sleep and just doing very little. It’s lovely to just be.

When we were in a nearby town, Chapel-en-le-Frith, on Tuesday, we came across a lovely community cafe. It’s called The Mustard Seed and ran by the local Methodist Church. It’s open Monday to Saturday, a great space for people to meet and ran entirely by volunteers. Therefore, my weekly stars this week are Helen and her team at The Mustard Seed (facebookers, please do give them a like!).

More next time, when things will no doubt be a bit busier and Christmas preparations will be in full swing.

Much love.

One thought on “Weekly Check-in (19)

  1. Bravo to you and Nathan for knowing you need time away from the kind of intense life that you have. Even God rested! You made a marvelous choice, and I pray that it gave you the spiritual and bodily food that you needed most as you prepare for the busy weeks ahead. God be with you! At 78, I recently began my fourth retirement…so someone else is in charge of “doing” Advent for our church…but I shall immerse myself in its wonders in gratitude for those of you who make this time sacred for all of us. Rev. Martha


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