Weekly Check-in (26)

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy New Year!

I’ve had such a nice last day of holiday today that I almost forgot to write my check-in!

I don’t have much to say about this week as we’ve been recovering from Christmas by visiting family and having a good rest in a cottage in Yorkshire. It’s been nice to have some down time, nap lots and do a bit of reading.

We got back last night and today we’ve been sorting the house out by doing some jobs that have built up over the last few weeks.

The one thing that I wanted to say this week is that I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to my mental health blog. I was very nervous about posting it, but once it had been public on WordPress for a couple of hours, I then plucked up the courage to share it to Twitter and then Facebook. I am honoured by the comments and that so many people took the time to read it, so thank you.

Anyway, more to follow shorty. I’ll check in next week when there will probably be a bit more to report because as of Sunday I am back at work!

Much love, and happy 2020!

Poppy x

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