Weekly Check-in (37)

It is hard to believe that this time last week we were in York on mission! It just feels like that was so long ago!

I think this last week needs to get a 6/10. I have had some lovely moments, but overall, it’s been tough.

So Saturday and Sunday we were in Northallerton and Thirsk for the mission. We spent a night at home before going to Whalley Abbey with the other clergy in the deanery. We departed on Tuesday morning to go back to our parishes after a much needed 24 hours to gather our strength, share ideas, put on our armour and pray.

Wednesday was the first day that we didn’t have the services that we usually would. We sorted out the churches so that they can be open for private prayer and we also tackled some difficult admin, such as communicating new regulations to funeral families and wedding couples.

Yesterday evening, Nathan and I went to Formby Hall for my birthday treat. We had a lovely meal and today we had a spa day. It was a lot of fun and just what we needed, although being given a massage by somebody who was wearing latex gloves was a new experience!

Obviously, a lot of this week has been about the coronavirus. The new rules and advice are sensible, and I am so grateful to the Church of England and the Diocese of Liverpool for producing them so quickly. This is an overwhelming situation which is taking it’s toll on all of us, but this too shall pass. I wrote a blog about it yesterday.

But now for some good news. The weekly star this time is Helen. She collects the foodbank donations for Holy Trinity and had just put a couple of bags in her car when I called her back to ask if she had something for a young man who was struggling. We had given him a foodbank voucher, but the nearest collection point wasn’t open until the next day, and he had nothing to eat. Not only did Helen willingly let me have a look in the bags, but she also went home to get some tins which would make for a hearty meal. What a star!

You might have noticed something unusual in the photo at the top – a flute! Last week, I was gifted a flute, which is amazing! And it couldn’t have come at a better time, because I have found that playing some music has helped me relax in this very strange week. I am really rusty, but I am hoping to get better! I also got ‘101 Broadway tunes for flute‘ from my in-laws today, so all the more excuse to practice!

Anyway, that’s it from me. Goodnight from this 27 (!) year old!

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