Weekly Check-in (50)

Hooray for Friday!

It feels like it’s been a long week. The rating this time is 6/10. Some days, being a vicar for the first time in the current circumstances feels like an opportunity to be creative and think outside of the box. Other days, it’s just overwhelming.

Anyway, this week I have been involved in a memorial service and the blessing of ashes for a man who died from Covid. His Mum couldn’t attend his funeral because of the limited numbers of people allowed, and so we did a service for her and other family and friends.

I’ve also delivered 8 Food Pantry parcels and helped to feed 22 people at Foodbank (including a very hungry family of 10). I’ve had a cup of tea in the garden with a new friend, chatted with my cell group, attended meetings about re-opening church and been to a socially disctanced BBQ. I’ve also played my flute a lot which is a great way to de-stress. Although I’m not sure what Nathan, as the listener of said flute playing, would say about that!

Today, I’m supposed to be having my first monthly retreat day, but I must admit that I only finished editing the service this morning. It’s not yet lunchtime though, so I’m planning on spending the rest of the day reading and praying before clocking off and having a big gin and a bubble bath!

My weekly star this week is a man called Colin from the council. Good Shepherd has previously struggled to get a recycling bin, but after a bit of a chat with Colin, he says he will drop one off to us! I’m so grateful, because it will make things a lot easier for us. We will no longer have to produce a rota for people to take the recycling home and put it in their own bins!

I also realise how sad and old I sound for getting excited about recycling bins! But hey, this is what lockdown has done to me!

More next week 🙂

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