Weekly Check-in (60)

Hi Friday!

It’s 5.51, and the whole ‘clock off on a Friday lunchtime’ thing hasn’t happened.

However, I have had a better week! I’m giving this one 7.5/10. Having spent part of the week on leave and doing Greenbelt at home might have had something to do with that! Blog here.

So when we got back to work on Tuesday, I had busy and fun day. I delivered five Food Pantry parcels, thirteen activity packs, two rotas and I managed to chat to ten people on doorsteps. I was tired by the end but in a good way. In the evening I had trustee training for our local charity, Triple C.

Wednesday morning was Foodbank, followed by filming for Sunday. I then had a coffee with a friend and got some admin done. Yesterday I had a meeting and did filming with others for online assemblies that are being offered to local primary schools. I then did some prayer walking around the parish, which I always love.

Today has been a day of lots of different things, from writing my sermon, to video editing, to funeral planning, to taking Nathan to the cash and carry. Even though I didn’t get back until Tuesday it definitely feels like I’ve worked a full week! I can’t wait for a sleep in tomorrow.

The Weekly Star this time is Ian. Ian is our organist and even though we aren’t having music at the moment, he’s still happy to be on the rota for reading on camera. Another reason for picking Ian is that he came to the service on Sunday. I wasn’t there, but he told me how much he liked meeting my friends Vicky & Sue. It might not sound like much, but I know that Ian can be relied on to say hello to new faces, and that’s really reassuring.

My Little Win was finding a typo on the 20 service sheets for Sunday and then managing to sort it out using tippex and a bit of biro. They don’t look too bad! And who wants to say ‘Hold Lord’ instead of ‘Holy Lord’?!

And on that note, I’m off for a gin!

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