Weekly check-in (61)

Praise God that it’s Friday! This week: 7/10.

Sunday, for the first time since we went back into church, felt really positive. Afterwards I had that lovely post-service-tired-but-content feeling. I spent the afternoon editing the video and prepping for the rest of the week.

On Monday evening we took a birthday present from my Mum & Dad over to Granny in Wales. We ordered a domino’s and had a great time. Tuesday involved supervision with a couple of people from Triple C, lots of prayer walking and a trustee meeting in the evening.

On Wednesday I did Foodbank, took a funeral and had a tidy up in church with my wardens. They are both really great people. Once I got home, I had a huge headache and spent the evening in bed, only waking up for food. Thankfully, the next day I woke feeling loads better and refreshed after all that sleep!

Yesterday was an good day. In the morning I led Morning Prayer and had a Triple C team meeting. At 1 I got in the car and drove to Formby for the funeral of a gentleman I was very fond of. Mark, my training incumbent, knowing how close I was to this particular family, asked me if I would like to help him take the service.

I arrived in Formby, thinking about all the things that have happened since I was last involved in a service at Holy Trinity, and as I pulled into the carpark, Jan, one of the wardens, moved a cone from in front of a space for me! That’s what I call service! It was so nice to catch up with people who I have grown really fond of over the past three years. Taking a service with Mark was incredibly natural, and I really miss his guidance, encouragement and friendship.

Although the funeral was, of course, sad, it was also filled with such hope. Funerals of believers always feel different. There is a special kind of joy in celebrating the life of a person who has found rest in their heavenly Father. Mark managed to make this particular funeral feel like Easter. It was beautiful, and such a privilege to be a part of.

When I came home, Nathan said that I looked better than I have done in months. That morning, he said, I was like a messy, scruffy ball of wool. But when I stepped out of the car in the evening, apparently I looked like I had been re-wound and neatened up. I’m glad I looked better because I certainly felt it! The whole afternoon was like tonic for the soul.

The Weekly Star this week is my warden Pat. I am really enjoying getting to know her, and I value all her wisdom and experience. She is encouraging and kind, funny and strong. She helped me with my clear out on Wednesday and I’m very grateful.

My Little Win in ministry this week was the clear out with my wardens. It was great to spend time together, clear come cupboard space and do a bit of hinching!

That’s me done for the week. I’m off to pour a gin and get ready for dinner in Formby with friends!

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