Weekly Check-in (62)

It’s Friday evening, Nathan has poured me a gin and I’m very ready to clock off shortly.

This week: 5.5/10. It’s hard to give a week more with another lockdown looming! It’s hard vicaring – or even just living – at the moment, and I really want to be able to go on holiday with my family next week, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Anyway, on our day off we got the train (four trains to be precise) to Frodsham for a surprise birthday BBQ for one of Nathan’s oldest friends, Arrun. This was really lovely. Sunday followed and I really enjoyed preaching and leading worship. I’m starting to feel a bit more confident in my new church. Afterwards, I had coffee with a new church member, Vicky and another with Janet from Altcar.

The rest of the week has involved a tax appointment, several meetings, Food Pantry, Food Bank, a baptism visit, sermon writing, filming for an assembly and other bits of admin.

The highlight was joining in choir practice at St Giles. Nathan is recording bits of singing for his services, and as the recording happens on Thursdays, it means I can join in! We sat spaced out in the choir stalls and it was so amazing to sing with organ accompaniment again!

Tea & singing in church

I also enjoyed letting an organist into The Good Shepherd last night to practice. I sat upstairs at my desk and got some work done on my laptop as he played away, and with the late afternoon sun coming through the windows, it was a dream.

The Little Win this week was my car passing it’s MOT. I’ve long said that the car (aka, Hunk-a-junk!) is living on a prayer, but today it went to the garage at 12.30 and was ready for collection by 3.

The Weekly Star this week is Cherith, who works as an evangelist for Church Army. She’s connected to one of the other churches in Norris Green and she’s fab. Today we had a cuppa and filmed the next online assembly for local Primary Schools. She is great to work with and she makes me laugh – which some days is just what I need!

Anyway, that’s it for me.

Ciao for now!

One thought on “Weekly Check-in (62)

  1. It was lovely to have you join us for singing on Thursday afternoon. Having Ian play was wonderful. Thanks for your contribution. (Don’t be so hard on yourself ) DMC 🥰

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