Weekly Check-in (63)

I can’t even begin to give this week a rating out of ten. There’s been highs and lows, work and our wedding anniversary, long and deep sleep, short and light sleep, filming and video editing, frantic moments and whole lazy days.

I did the pulpit swap with Nathan on Sunday, which was awesome. I loved being at St Giles for the day and getting to know them better.

Us in St Giles after the 6.30 service

On Monday, after training on Annual Meetings and a Standing Committee Meeting, I drove Nathan, Isabelle and myself to Llandudno for a few days with family. Tuesday was the clergy study day (on Zoom) and our wedding anniversary. We had a gorgeous evening at a local restaurant who managed to squeeze us in at the last minute.

The rest of the week has involved a combination of rest and work things (I know, I know, we should be more disciplined, we’ve already heard it off several people, don’t nag!) and we came back home today. This evening we went to Liverpool to have a socially distanced meal with friends from college. We went to Mowgli on Bold Street, and the yogurt chat bombs were as tasty as ever!

This week’s Weekly Star is Reverend Sue from St Giles. She led the main service on Sunday and she made me feel so welcome. She gave me such nice feedback, as did several other people, and that is something I really miss from my days as a curate. I left St Giles feeling incredibly uplifted and affirmed.

The Little Win this time was managing to get the right papers posted outside the church at the right time in readiness for the annual meeting next month.

Anyway, this is quite a late one, so I’m signing off now.

More soon!

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