Weekly Check-in (64)

I do love Friday nights! I’m rating this week 7/10.

It’s been an interesting but triumphant week, which finished with Nathan passing his driving test and me picking up my new car. This has led to a very happy Thorpe household this evening!

Pansy the purple peugeot

The rest of the week was good too. On Sunday we had our harvest festival which was great We had a couple of new people come to church and we actually ran out of seats! With the restrictions as they are, we can only fit eighteen people in the worship space without asking people to sit in the choir stalls, but it was the highest number we’ve had since we re-opened and it felt like a really positive step forward.

The rest of the week has involved various one on one meetings, a church council meeting, a video call with a great friend, Food Pantry, Food Bank (it was busy, we helped to feed 27 people this week), admin, prayer walking, sermon and service prep and a migraine.

I’ve also started the 28 day vegan challenge this week. My Dad was talking about it a month or so ago and I thought I’d like to join in. It’s not that I don’t like meat or dairy, I absolutely do, but it’s more about reducing our carbon footprint. It would also be good to shift a few lockdown pounds!

Another feature of this week has been the new local lockdown measures that have come in place across Merseyside and Liverpool. It’s tough. I don’t need to elaborate, it’s hard for everybody, and that’s just how it is at the moment.

Anyway, the Weekly Star this time is Nathan, for passing his driving test on the first go with just four minors. What a star!

Bye for now!


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