Weekly Check-In (70)

Happy Friday 13th!

I am going to rate this week 6/10.

Lots of things have happened: online worship, deliveries for Food Pantry, a coffee with the Triple C team, Foodbank, a funeral visit over the phone, catch ups, a meeting about Christmas, lots of writing and a fair bit of admin.

There was one very special delivery of Foodbank items as a local nursery came with four little ones to deliver various tins. The grown-ups had bags full and the tots were very carefully holding a tin each. It was super cute and utterly lovely!

The nursery has messaged me on the new church Instagram account the night before and said that they might come down to Foodbank the next morning. It never occurred to me that they would bring the little ones with them, but I am so pleased they did! One of the members of staff said that they really wanted to show the children where the food was going to. Seeing those kids walking down the path towards the church with Foodbank donations would bring a smile to the face of many people!

One moment that stands out from this week was when Nathan and I got very excited about going to see the giant Christingle structure that is being made in St Giles church hall. We got so excited that we both forgot our keys and ended up locked out of the house! I was bracing myself for a couple of hours wait for a locksmith to arrive and do his thing.

But when Nathan called the first locksmith that came up on Google, it turned out that he was just finishing a job in the road opposite St Giles! What good timing! So he came over, stuck a metal structure inside the letter box and had the door open within seconds. I stood there open-mouthed, watching and in the end I was back at my desk within ten minutes!

One really positive thing to come out of this week is that on Sunday morning I will be helping lead worship at the church in the next door parish. Christ Church have got some very clever software which *hopefully* means we can stream live from both youtube accounts. It makes so much more sense for us to do it together, and I am so excited for Sunday morning!

My Weekly Star is my Grandpa, Graham. He has been part of a Covid testing trial for a few weeks and he gets vouchers for doing it. These vouchers he has sent on to me so that I can buy donations for the Foodbank with them. It’s so generous and we are all really grateful. With those vouchers I can buy loads and loads of tins, toiletries and treats. I could also go to the shop the day before and buy eggs, bread, cheese and margarine as extras if that’s what was needed. I am so chuffed, thank you Grandpa!

The Ministry Little Win of the week was putting together a plan for Christmas (known as Plan A) if lockdown is lifted and we are allowed to reopen. If we’re allowed, we want to do the Sunday services as normal, Christmas Eve (8pm), Christmas Day (10.30), an online Christingle, a ‘click and collect’ Christmas Fair and a mission event on New Years Eve. Even though I will be very surprised if all this goes exactly according to plan, it still feels good to have an idea of what we would like to do if we can.

Right, I’m clocking off now.

Much love!

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