Weekly Check-in (72)

Afternoon! This week is getting 7/10.

It’s been one of those weeks which seems to disappear quickly, where there was so much to be done but very little has been achieved!

Saturday was a lovely, chilled day off (I do love how many of those we get in lockdown!) and on Sunday morning I was leading the joint service at Christ Church cabin. When you stream live, there’s a whole load of very technical stuff that goes into it. But you can be certain that the service won’t be heard anywhere at all when the leader doesn’t turn the mic on! The poor people at home had a whole 5 minutes of me talking, but with no sound and we had to start the whole thing again! Doh!

On Monday I took my first funeral since getting Covid, and even though it went well, there were various tensions to be aware of and by the time I got home, I was completely wiped out. Tuesday involved seven Food Pantry deliveries and I gave some thought to my sermon for Sunday.

Wednesday was Foodbank day. The new team are great and are so on top of things that I could sit in the hall on zoom training and they didn’t need me in the slightest! Yesterday, myself and Cherith from Church Army filmed a story for the Christmas assembly going out to local schools, which was lovely. Afterwards, I knocked on a few doors to see how people were and did a bit of prayer walking. I also wrote my sermon and the opening piece for the Older Person’s Newsletter going out next week.

The Weekly Star is my church treasure Carol. She retired three weeks ago and the novelty has now worn off, so she’s now our newest Foodbank volunteer!

My Little Win this week happened when delivering a newsletter and activity book. I’ve been taking newsletters to this person for the six months I’ve been in post and for most of that time, I have known that they used to come to The Good Shepherd before my time but stopped coming because they were upset in some way. Every time I have been, this person has been pleasant, but half opened the door and clearly keen for the conversation to be over quickly. When I went this week, the door opened fully and to my surprise, they struck up a conversation and we had a really nice chat for ten minutes! I was delighted, and it just goes to show that perseverance shows off.

That’s all from me! Off for a nap 🙂

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