Weekly Check-in (71)

This week is getting 6/10.

Sunday was fab. We decided to do a joint service across the three local churches which goes live instead of being recorded in advance. Thankfully, Tom and Helen at Christ Church have all the super smart gear to make this happen! Even through the cabin was empty apart from the wardens and those involved in the service, it was great knowing that people were watching live and to hear their comments as we went through the service.

We’ve been on leave for most of this week (well, Monday, Tuesday, yesterday and today) but trying to switch off when you can’t go anywhere isn’t easy.

Because we have a new team at Foodbank and it was only their third week, we decided to work on Wednesday. Nathan usually has a service on a Wednesday morning so he doesn’t tend to be available but because of lockdown, he could come and help out. He was a great addition to the team and clearly enjoyed himself! It’s nice to work together occasionally.

Apart from that, we haven’t done a huge amount. We have mostly eaten well and watched Avenger films in our pjs! I spent an evening making a wreath for our advent candle and yesterday we had a jaunt to Formby because we had a big box of Doritos delivered to St Peter’s office by accident – which was both funny and embarrassing!

This is supposed to be our time to rest before Christmas and this week is normally a really important breather before the busiest time of the year. It’s very unlikely that this Christmas will be anything like ‘normal’ but still not knowing what to prepare for is in itself exhausting.

Anyway, the Weekly Star is new Foodbank volunteer, Natalie, who is really organised and has already got the voucher system and the tablet down to a tee!

More next time.


Advent Candle

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