Weekly Check-in (79)

It got to just past midnight last night, I was snuggled in bed and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t blogged! It’s very unusual for me, but then I suppose that’s what a lovely and chilled week off will do for you!

So, we have been on leave this week and we’ve mostly been reading, resting and eating.

But, the very exciting news is that we are expecting a baby in July!

We’ve been sitting on this secret for a fair few weeks now, and if you look very carefully, you might be able to see a slither of pregnancy test in Weekly Check-in blog banners from previous weeks!

We ended up making the news public on Sunday afternoon, and the response has been phenomenal. Loads of people commented on the picture and said congratulations. We have had offers of furniture and clothes, people have sent links to helpful websites and promised to have zoom coffee dates so that I can pick the brains of some amazing parents I know.

I won’t say too much about it all now though – I’ve been blogging from the first week we knew, but keeping the blogs in my draft folder, so I will be publishing a series of pregnancy blogs soon.

Yesterday and today, Nathan and I have been decorating the nursery, which was a delightful thing to do with our last two days of leave. It was all going well until this afternoon when I suddenly felt dizzy and sick – we are putting this down to the fumes from the paint! Nathan, however, has cracked on, and we now have the first coat of paint done.

It’s hard to choose a Weekly Star this time because so many people have been unbelievably kind, but this week I am picking my good friend Amy. We have been friends since my first day at Tuxford when I started in year 8, and as she slid across the desk, saying ‘hi, I’m Amy’, I suspected I had made a friend for life! Since I messaged her with the news, Amy has been sending links to useful tools and gadgets, photos from her own life as a Mum of two and making all kinds of super helpful suggestions. Thanks to everybody, and a special thank you to Amy!

My Little Win this week was simply having a week off in which I didn’t feel the need to go to Foodbank. The new team are excellent, and I am going to stick to this new model where people take the time off they need.

That’s all for me, more to come soon!

Baby announcement!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in (79)

  1. You are a hidden gem Popz always have been and always will my ‘slid across the desk kinda girl’ so glad I can share the mummy story’s with you and the daddy ones with Nathan. Love you both xx


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