Weekly Check-in (89)

Hello and happy Friday! I hope that you’re doing well.

I’m rating this week 7/10. It’s been quite good, but I’m definitely getting tired again! I’m not sure if it’s the run up to Easter, the crazy year, the pregnancy or a combination of the three, but I definitely have less energy this week.

But here are the highlights:

Preaching on Sunday was really fun.

A funeral on Monday that went really well. It was the funeral of a long standing member of the church who has served so faithfully over the years. Although I never met her, I have heard so much about her and it was an honour to be involved.

I had a lovely birthday on Saturday.

I have really great colleagues. Meetings are rarely a drain with caring and creative people!

Challenge: I’m struggling to sleep at the moment, so tiredness has been a big challenge!

Drain: I know I said this a couple of weeks ago, but emails. I might make a parody of Seasons of Love from Rent, singing ‘five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred emails’.

God moment: Saying morning prayer with Nathan praying for our parishes.

Ta-Dah Moment: Getting the annual meeting admin done for Sunday. I don’t have a PCC secretary to put these things together for me, so the fact that the correct paperwork has been displayed outside church, the minutes from last year have been written, the electoral roll is up to date and that everybody has been sent the report with two days to go is a big achievement for me!

Mum moment: When I was stood at the photocopier doing printing, my bump was touching the key pad with all the buttons. The baby was kicking like anything, and it made me chuckle to think that they might have been trying to print a double sided colour 8 page booklet with staples!

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