Holy Week 2021: Holy Saturday

7.31am It feels so early! I might roll over and have another few minutes.

9.31am Well, that was more than a few minutes. But I do feel much better. Time to get up and moving to do some admin, prep for tomorrow and deliver the last two gift bags to baptism families.

11.35am Oh, it’s been really nice to meet so many of the baptism families! I’m so pleased I did this, it was well worth doing. I can’t wait to get them all booked in once we are open for weekly worship again.

12.20pm The final reflection went live at five past and it was beautiful. Easter Saturday is a day of waiting. A weird day of waiting. For us, we know what tomorrow holds. But I wonder, how must the disciples have felt?

12.44pm Tonight, I am helping Nathan out with a service at St Giles. Earlier in the week, I noticed for that I hadn’t heard him practising the Easter hymn, the Exsultet, for tonight. I offered to help, because I have sung it the past three years and so I know it quite well now. The first couple of years, I practised from January onwards to get it right! So I volunteered to sing for him. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Easter without it! So I am giving it another run through before tonight.

1.00pm I’ve just finished a quick tidy up of the kitchen before Nathan’s family come for lunch in the garden. Holy Week is usually too manic to see much of family before it’s all over. But this year, we’ve had a bit more time and so we’ve made the most of the easing of restrictions and the sun before the weather gets bad next week.

4.10pm Ooh, my mother-in-law, Polly has made my very favourite chocolate Easter cake! When she made it the year before last, I couldn’t stop eating it, so goodness knows how bad I will be now that I am pregnant! It’s tempting to cut everybody else a slice and dig into the rest with a large spoon!

6.55pm I have just put my (very tight) cassock on and I’m nearly ready to go over to St Giles. Just time to go over the song another couple of times before I go.

8.04pm Despite a discussion before the service about which candles to light when, I think that went very well. I loved singing, I liked the Bible readings and the reflection, and it’s always lovely to do a service with Nathan. We proclaim that Jesus is risen after it goes dark on Saturday night because we know that Jesus was raised at some point while it was still dark. Obviously, the main celebration takes place in the morning, but it’s okay to sing the Exsultet and say ‘alleluia, Christ is risen!’ on Easter Saturday night.

Here is the link to the service.

I love the song. Whenever I sing it, it seems to bounce off the walls beautifully, wherever I am. Nathan says it is his favourite thing I sing. Tonight, however, I did make the rookie mistake of having a couple of mouthfuls of chocolate cake just before I left. It was just sat there calling to me! But then, as any singer will know, the chocolate made my mouth all claggy. Thankfully, nobody seemed to notice.

11.01pm I think I am all ready for tomorrow. I have polished my reflection which I wrote a few days ago. I have printed both orders of service. I have done my risk assessment and finalised the numbers. The hymns are picked and I have made a list of things that will need to be done in the morning so that I won’t forget anything. I’m going to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow feeling well rested, excited, and ready to celebrate!

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