Weekly Check-in 102

I hope that the banner at the top goes some way to showing what utter carnage this week has been. I tell you, prepping to take seven months leave takes some doing! It’s been a chocka week, but it does feel good to have got so much done.

So this week is getting 7/10.


Having Granny and Grandpa to stay and help get the garden in good shape for baby coming!

Helping to take a wedding on Saturday.

Two baptisms on Sunday.

Challenge: discovering that maternity leave isn’t as sorted as I thought. This led to a bit of stress.

Drain: the general discomfort of being 36 weeks pregnant.

God moment: being so well supported by the wonderful colleagues in my deanery has made me feel like God has got everything in hand.

Ta-Dah moment: writing all the orders of service and typing up all the rotas from July to February!

Foodbank: The team are just wonderful. This week they helped to feed thirty two people.

Mum moment: going and picking up the Next2Me crib from friends in Formby. It’s all starting to feel very real!

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