Weekly Check-in 103

Gosh, does anybody else think that Fridays are just coming around too fast?! Anyway, happy Friday! I’m giving this week 6/10.

Highlights of my week include:

Birthday celebrations for my mother-in-law at the weekend.

My last Sunday in church and finally starting my leave!

A gorgeous maternity photoshoot with one of our best friends and Goddaughter.

Wednesday morning communion at Holy Trinity, Formby and catching up with some very lovely people.

Challenge: Well, on the way back home from Formby, I was about to enter a roundabout when I braked to let an ambulance past. A van then went into the back of my car, which shook me up to say the least. Thankfully, there’s not much damage to the car because he hit me straight at the back, and me and baby are both okay. But after a lovely start to my leave, it was a bit of a dramatic afternoon!

The drain has been that we are back in isolation. We don’t know where it came from, but Nathan got a notification on Wednesday night and I got one on Thursday morning, saying to isolate until midnight on Tuesday. In some ways, it’s annoying because we’ve had to cancel lovely things we had planned. Even if they are changing soon, right now the rules are the same as before: we can’t go out and nobody can come round. But in another way, it’s quite nice to have some time to ourselves before the world turns upside down in a couple of weeks!

God moment: I am going to say the whole of Sunday morning. I was aware of the presence of God as I led the service, preached and celebrated. One special bit was when a little boy who had been there from the beginning of the service noticed a family member of his who had come in a bit late and sat at the back. I almost had to stop preaching as the little boy ran across, arms wide, for a cuddle! It was just beautiful.

Ta-Dah moment: Getting all the admin and orders of service ready for my time off.

Mum moment: After the bump on the roundabout, I was desperate to get home. Like, all my instincts were screaming ‘get home’. That might have had nothing to do with pregnancy, but I think I had such a strong desire to get home because it’s my nest!

Foodbank: Well, I wasn’t in on Wednesday so I don’t know how many people they fed! But I do know that they’re a fab team and that they’ll be great.

More next week – if I’m not elsewhere!

Photo from the shoot

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