Weekly Check-in 112

So it’s 23.47 and I forgot about my blog until a couple of minutes ago! Here’s a whistle stop tour of my week.


A trip to Kingsley and Co in Bootle with Mum and Sophia today.

A really great service at church on Sunday. New faces and a real sense of community!

Various meetings with colleagues and neighbours making me feel less alone and more excited for the future.

Challenge: booking baptisms is lovely and I seem to have them coming out of my ears. It’s a lovely problem to have, but there’s more admin involved than you’d think!

Drain: Sophia is not sleeping well and it just makes everything else a bit more of a challenge. Mum, Dad and Isabelle arrived yesterday for the weekend which is lovely. I had an hour before they were due to arrive and it came down to this: do I do the pots, hoover the stairs and brush the floor or do I write my sermon? I wrote my sermon.

God moment: after many sleepless nights, much prayer and a dollop of faith, we had a lovely email and a donation which just takes the pressure off the finances for a few months. It feels like a real answer to prayer.

Ta-Dah Moment: catching up on my baptism admin.

Foodbank: We helped to feed 23 people.

Mum moment: a hard choice this week! I think managing to keep Sophia quiet earlier in the week by producing a new (to her) toy from on top of the bookshelf. All she wanted to do was grump and have some time to herself, but that wasn’t really possible because we had visitors so I managed to distract her for a bit.

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