Weekly Check-in 113

Don’t these Friday nights come around fast? It’s the eighth Weekly Check-in I’ve written since going back to work and I can hardly believe it!

Anyway, some highlights from the past 7 days include:

Isabelle and Daniel agreeing to be Godparents!

Meeting a lovely couple as we did some preparation for a funeral next week.

Blue Planet, St Giles Quiz, church and a trip to the pub with some of my lovely family for my birthday.

A walk around Crocky Park in the sun with a friend talking about Ministry and Motherhood.

Challenge: I’m finding preaching quite hard at the moment. I still love it, but it’s the thing that seems to get squeezed out of my week and I’m struggling to find the headspace to come up with ideas.

Drain: trying to get everything ready for the annual meeting, including the annual report. We don’t have a PCC secretary and so a lot of it falls to me. Every time I think I’m nearly there I remember something else that needs to go in, or I come across another legality, or I discover that there’s no paper left in church to print the report onto, etc.

God moment: a really unusual one. Seeing a bird of prey – no joke, a huge bird of prey – perched and tied up onto a stand as I prayer walked one of the streets in my parish. It was a very bizarre thing to come across, but it also really left me thinking. I can’t quite explain why.

Ta-Dah Moment: finding cover for August bank holiday which means I can go to Greenbelt! Hooray!

Foodbank: Our awesome team provided food packages to feed 20 people this week.

Mum moment: a lump came to my throat today as we visited a prospective nursery for Sophia for September. How are we thinking about out this already?! Also, she’s definitely saying ‘mama’ with purpose now! It’s usually when she wants something though…

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