Weekly Check-in 114

This week has absolutely flown by! How is it 7 whole days since I last blogged?! Anyway, here are some of the highlights of this week:

A lovely day off in Formby! We bumped into loads of old friends.

Nathan’s Mothering Sunday beef was delicious!

A great team meeting about assemblies in local schools.

Left over beef pie with Nathan, Sophia, Polly and Martin on Monday night.

Plans for Easter are taking shape.

Challenge: I’ve had a really sad funeral come in, that of a very little person. It’s next week and it’s weighing heavy on my mind because I just want to get it right for this lovely family. I know it’s one of those times where my faith will pull me through. I don’t have the words, but I know He will provide them.

Drain: Sophia has a viral infection. On Wednesday morning at 5am I was on the phone to 111 because she had hardly slept and her temperature was just getting higher and higher. Obviously, this week more than ever, I know this is a tiny thing in the grand scheme of things, but when a doctor says ‘you need to get some calpol down her soon because if you don’t she could have a seizure’, it’s scary! Thankfully, we did manage to get her temperature down and she has improved a lot since then. A huge thank you to Nanny Pol who yet again came to our rescue when we had a poorly baby and full diaries!

God moment: I was feeling so tired last night and Soph was still quite poorly. I’d had a long few days and I was feeding Soph for the third time since putting her to bed a couple of hours before. I flicked through Facebook and came across the live streamed Christ Church night prayer. As I turned the sound up, the leaders were reading my favourite Psalm, and not only that, but my favourite verse. ‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. Psalm 139.14. It just felt like a bit of a hug from God at the end of a very long couple of days.

Ta-Dah Moment: Finally getting the annual report printed!

Foodbank: it was a quiet one for us this week. We fed 10 people and 3 dogs.

Mum moment: Today Sophia and I sat in the rocker in the living room and began her musical theatre education. We started with my first favourite musical, the one I loved most when I was little, Calamity Jane. Naturally, Sophia fell asleep, but as I sat there with her snoozing on me, gin in hand, musical on TV, I thought to myself, this really is what dreams are made of!

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