Weekly Check-in 115

I am so grateful to God for bringing me through this week.

Challenge: the funeral that I mentioned last week, the one of the baby, happened yesterday. It was incredibly sad and I was so honoured to be able to take the service for the family. I know I did the best I could, but it doesn’t stop me being really sad today.

Drain: I woke up on Wednesday morning with no voice. It took much prayer and a lot of strong throat pastilles to make it through the service and burial yesterday.

God moment: every day for many months, I’ve woken up, picked up Sophia and said ‘shall we see if there is a new day?’ I then open the curtains and we both smile as the light streams in. I then say ‘Thank you God for another day to be a Mummy and a Daddy and a Sophia’. I have never been so grateful as I was this morning.

Ta-Dah Moment: Arguably the biggest Ta-Dah of the year… the annual meeting has taken place! It’s a shed load of admin, especially with no PCC secretary to help. It’s such a relief to have it done for another year!

Foodbank: This week I drove over to Croxteth to open up but as I had no voice I went again soon after. If I’d have stayed I’d have just spent the morning trying to talk and that wouldn’t have helped my voice come back! But the team inform me that they fed 31 people.

Mum moment: This afternoon at group I found Sophia’s third tooth! It’s an upstairs tooth and I actually saw it before I felt it.

My Mum said ‘you’ll soon be able to have a good go on a Mars Bar, Soph!’.

I said ‘there are other things I’d definitely rather she didn’t have a good go on!’. We’ll see how things pan out with this new tooth…

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