Weekly Check-in 123

I was having such a good time yesterday that I completely forgot to blog – doh!

Anyway, my second week in my new post was really good. I did a whole range of things from spending time in the Hub, to a trustee meeting, to taking a Bible Study for Advent.

My favourite day this week was Thursday. I got up and went to church to lead ecumenical prayers. 26 people gathered to pray for the people and churches in our area, only two of them clergy. This happens every week in one church or another and I think it’s fantastic! After that I went to the church toddler group. I took Sophia a couple of weeks ago and it was strange to be there without her, but still really nice.

I then went and introduced myself to four funeral directors. This might sound like a bit of a weird thing to do, but I wanted them to know that ASSF has now got a vicar again and that I am available to take funerals. I met lots of nice people but the most notable one was the person who answered the door at the fourth one. She looked at me and I looked at her, her in Funeral Director gear and me in my dog collar, two women under 30 working in fairly unusual sectors! We had such a great chat, exchanging stories, sharing the joys (and stresses) of our jobs. It was one of those moments where you meet somebody you didn’t expect to, but are so pleased you did!

Afterwards I called in at the Junior School opposite church and had a cuppa and a tour with the deputy head. The school is delightful and we got a date in the diary for me to take a Christmas Assembly, which I am really looking forward to.

Once I’d done that, I was absolutely shattered so I went home, but I was really pleased that I had taken the time to go and get to know some of those people.

On Friday afternoon, Sophia and I went to Breastfeeding Support Group in Netherton where I volunteer. That was great too and a great way to start our day off. In the evening, Mum and Dad come over to help out at Nathan’s church fair and babysit while we went to see Bellowhead in Liverpool on Saturday night.

St Giles Church Christmas Fair was great. Sophia was impressed with the cakes, the tombola, her great-Grandpa winning the raffle and the craft (see picture at the top) but she was less enamored with Father Christmas. Can’t say I blame her!

Anyway, no sooner had all been packed away than Nathan and I were on our way to Liverpool. Bellowhead were amazing and I’d never been the the Phil before! We also managed to have a meal out together first, which was just what we needed. We had a fun evening, just what the Doctor ordered.

We didn’t get back too late, but it was unfortunate that our late night happened just before my first 9am service in quite some time! But all went well and I got through the Book of Common Prayer Communion service without too many mishaps (I always trip over a couple of words!). I also loved taking the 10.30 service. It was the first Sunday of Advent, and I even have nails to match!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-in 123

  1. Lovely to hear there’s so many positive things going on for you Poppy. Please be assured of our thoughts and prayers as you settle in and do get in touch if there’s anything practical that we can do to help. Eileen and Bill Matthews


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