Weekly Check-in 130

Hiya, it’s Sunday night so it’s time for another blog!

Lurgy update. I’m feeling better than I have done in months, but Soph has had a sickness bug towards the end of the week. Oh what joy!

This week has involved, amongst other things, a funeral, prayer with colleagues, Standing Committee meeting, time in the Hub, toddler group, Start Course and several hours scrubbing the house while listening to the General Synod debates on the blessing of same-sex couples.

Like last week, the highlight this time was the funeral! At the crem at the end, Green Green Grass by George Ezra was played. Now, several mourners at this funeral are deaf and so one family member was signing for them along to the music. I found myself copying the hand movements (badly!) and bopping along. This fella was quite a character, so I don’t think he would have minded in the slightest!

God moment: well, more yellow roses have appeared in my life (thank you Grandpa!) so I’m feeling very affirmed whenever they catch my eye.

I also attended the Open Table service tonight, which is always so wholesome and moving. I feel a true, unconditional welcome here in a way that I rarely do anywhere else.

The biggest challenge for me this week has been watching the General Synod debates. I’ve never been glued to the synod live stream so much. I think the whole thing was chaired beautifully, and I’m pleased that so many people got a chance to share their thoughts, whatever they are. But I was really very anxious about it all.

Ta-Dah moment: while waiting for the result of the synod vote, I rearranged the books in the Hub at church. See the picture at the top!

I also organised Sophia’s 12-18 month clothes and packed away the ones we’re going to keep. This is a job that I always put off for ages!

Mum moment: Well, I exercised on my own this week, and it wasn’t the same without Soph to motivate me!

But on Tuesday, Sophia came back from nursery with a card which has a red print of her toes on the front. It says, ‘I love you from my head to-ma-toes’! She says the card is for me, and I shall treasure it forever!

She’s also discovered our old light shades which are on their way to the charity shop, and she thinks they make excellent hats:

Her new words are: tree, head and she even had a go at elephant (el-fut)!

More soon x

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