Weekly Check-in 131

Another week, another Sunday evening blog!

It’s been a good week, with a bit of a break in our streak of illness. Last weekend, Sophia was a bit sick, and so we kept her off on Monday to comply with the nursery’s 48-hour sickness rule. She was feeling so much better though. I had her in the morning and took her to Sweaty Mamas, and then Nathan looked after her in the afternoon as I had a 4 hour meeting blocked out in my diary. I called Nathan as I was leaving and he said,‘Where have you BEEN?!’ – she had been running him ragged! She is definitely much improved.

The rest of the week involved a coffee morning at nursery, a bed delivery, expenses, a meeting with the Bishop, Start Course, ecumenical morning prayer, a pastoral care meeting, time in the Hub and a double day off!

A couple of highlights:

Coffee with a couple Formby friends, one of whom is visiting from America – hello Sandra! She reads my blog over in the US and brought Sophia the most lovely book for her reading room! It was good to catch up, and a very beautiful present.

The Valentines Afternoon Tea and quiz at church was just lovely – see the banner at the top. I made it my mission to sit at as many tables as possible. I got to sample lots of cake as well as gain wisdom (answers for the quiz) from several groups!

Sharing a cheese box with Nathan on Valentines Day evening (yes, I did eat very well that day!)

From The Cheese Box Aintree

A playdate with friends we made at Breastfeeding Support Group back when our babas were tiny! Lots of mess was made, and such fun was had with an old cardboard box and a packet of felt tips!

The God moment this week was praying with Bishop Bev.

One challenge was that Covid put a stop to some plans yet again! My Uni friend Rosie and I are born a couple of days apart, and with a big birthday next month, we thought it would be nice to do something. So we planned for her and her boyfriend to visit, but a positive test meant they weren’t able to come. It’s completely understandable, of course, but annoying.

Then again though, it’s an excuse to let the birthday celebrations go on for even longer this year!

Ta-Dah Moment: completing Nathan’s expenses that I had, to my shame, let build up somewhat.

Mum moment: recently, Sophia has been finding her nose, including her nostrils. She was sat on my knee, and Nathan and I were having a laugh as she had a bit of a rummage, when she promptly put the same finger into my open, laughing mouth! Lovely!

Her new words are hat (‘at), dinner (inna) and Nanny – hooray!

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