Weekly Check-in 133

Hello and happy Sunday afternoon! Time for my last check-in before Holy Week.

Highlights: taking the communion service for the Deanery Readers and catching up with some Holy Trinity Formby folk, a trip to Costco with Nathan and Sophia, assembly at the juniors, year 1 and year 3 visiting church, Lent Study, a funeral, a disability audit at church and finally getting Sophia a Little Tikes car (see picture at the top).

Bizarre Clergy Couple conversation:

‘Have you still got that sheep’

‘Which sheep?’

‘The big sheep’

‘The cuddly sheep or the one with arms?’

‘The one with arms’

‘It’s in the hall under the stage’

‘Can I have it for my assembly tomorrow?’

God moment: being inspired by a colleague to just pray, read the Bible and let ministry flow from there.

Challenge: Sophia’s last four milk teeth, the back molars, have meant I’ve had very little sleep.

Ta-Dah moment: having both of our expenses for March completed before the end of play on 31st!

Mum moment: the samples at Costco are a great way of working out what Sophia likes. It turns out that she’s a fan of Asian coleslaw and grapefruit, not things I would have expected!

New words: paper and GO!