Hamilton: Top 10 Moments

A few weeks ago, we finally went to see Hamilton! I have been a big fan since the film of the stage show came out on Disney+ in July 2020, when I wrote Hamilton: Top 10 lyrics. So I decided to blog about my top 10 favourite moments now that I’ve seen it live.

I booked these tickets when Nathan was in London seeing Sister Act and I was having my interview for ASSF, so months ago! In the weeks running up to our trip to London, I vaguely remembered that our tickets were on the front row, but I had completely forgotten that we were front and centre! This meant that I had the most immersive theatre experience that I’ve ever had. It was incredible. So here are my top 10 moments.

10. I am not throwing away my shot! – Ensemble

It was hard to pick one song, but the sound and movement of the ensemble was fantastic. They don’t half get a workout too!

9. Dear Theodosia. – Hamilton and Burr

I found this so powerful, these two very different fathers singing about how their babies had changed their lives. This is one of those songs that was even better in person.

8. We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, outplanned! – George Washington

This is one of my favourite parts of the whole show, and it’s Washington’s opening line. I felt the excitement, the urgency and the authority as he came on stage!

7. No-one has more resilience or matches my practical brilliance!Lafayette

I still can’t believe that people manage to rap this as fast as they do! I got a new perspective on the speed at which the whole show flows, as well as the pace at which these words are delivered. Plus, like I said in my last blog, I might get these words printed on a mug!

6. Have you read this?! – Madison, Burr and Jefferson.

We were sat right behind the conductor, and when the men were distributing the Reynolds Pamphlet, they passed a copy down to the conductor as they asked, ‘Have you read this?’ And this hand just popped up and took it!

5. My name is Herculese Mulligan, I need no introduction, when you knock me down I get the fudge back up again!Mulligan.

Obviously, he did not say fudge. This is such an intense and powerful moment that it made me want to stand up and shout ‘YEAH!’

4. I wana be in the room where it happens. Burr.

So, the actor who played Aaron Burr was absolutely phenomenal. He was so good that by the end I was actually on his side, and I know that’s not the point! I loved him the whole way through, especially in this song.

3. Exit music

At the end, we stood up and peered into the pit as the exit music played. We saw all the musicians playing and enjoying themselves! It was so upbeat and fun, and watching them play that close up was a new experience for me.

2. Virginia my home sweet home, I wana give you a kiss, mwah! Thomas Jefferson.

As you can probably gather, Thomas Jefferson’s opening number involves these words and he blows a kiss at the end of this line. Well, he bent down and blew the kiss right at me! It was amazing!

1. My sweet, submissive subject.King George III.

If you’d have told me beforehand that these words would have been my favourite part of the show, I’d have been surprised. But when you’re such a musical theatre fan and King George III stands there, singing such an iconic song and looks down into your eyes and sings those words, it is out of this world! I really thought that every cell in my body had melted into the seat with excitement as he made direct eye contact with me! He was hilarious and imposing all at once, and it was just incredible.

The first time I saw a West End musical, I was about 7 and I was completely transported. I mean, who wouldn’t be, with a cast racing around the theatre on rollerskates! Starlight Express was certainly captivating.

The next time a musical had such an impact upon me was seeing Wicked when I was 13. It was so good that after defying gravity at the end of Act 1, I had no idea how long we had been in the theatre and was unsure if there was more to come or not. It was only when I saw the people selling ice cream that I knew we were only halfway through!

I was also encouraged, no more than encouraged, utterly inspired, by the dark haired weirdo being the heroine, rather than the blonde in the sparkly dress. I love Wicked to bits, and I think I’ve see it 12 times – but I’m losing count!

And then, up there in the top 3 is Hamilton. Being sat where we were took it to a whole new level. I cannot recommend this show highly enough, but I would suggest watching it on Disney+ first to get your head around it because there is a lot to take in.

The film was released a couple of years ago, right when I needed it. I wasn’t in the best of places, and Hamilton helped get me through. Seeing it live was the best way to start birthday celebrations.

The question is, at what point do I cave and book tickets for when it comes to Manchester?!

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