Weekly Check-in 132

It’s been a little while since my last Check-in, apologies! But here’s how my first week in my thirties has been.

I had an excellent birthday on Monday. I went to the Hub where I was greeted with balloons, cards, cake and singing! It was a wonderful surprise and I had a perfect morning, chatting, knitting and eating tasty things.

Nathan and I went out for lunch and then he dropped me home for a nap which was delightful! Soph was at nursery in the day and we had lovely cuddles and play before she went to bed. Then Nathan cooked me steak and I did more knitting – it was fab!

The rest of the week involved meeting with local vicars, praying with local vicars, admin, Sunday prep, Easter prep, funeral prep, Lent study, the annual meeting of our children’s charity, a church council meeting and other bits and bobs.

Today (Sunday) was lovely. There were two services, and I led and preached at them both. I’m really starting to feel at home. I looked around the Hub after church and realised I knew everybody’s name but one- which I have quickly learned!. I was a nice feeling.

A highlight for me has been putting plans together for our Family Fun Afternoon on Easter Saturday. People have come and shared their ideas with me and asked if they can help, which is wonderful.

God moment: stood in our bedroom overlooking the sunny garden on my birthday morning singing great is thy faithfulness.

Challenge: Easter is fast approaching!

Ta-Dah Moment: GDPR forms. So boring, but at least they’re done!

Mum moment: Sophia offered me a piece of pancake. I opened my mouth, she put it in, changed her mind just as I tasted it, and then quickly shoved it into her own face. Thanks, kid!

Also, buying Sophia a dressing gown which she loved so much that she didn’t want to take off, not even for the bath. She then cried the whole way through the bath, desperate to put it back on again.

New words: I think there’s more every day at the moment, but she asks to play with our many bunches of keys, anything that she might like to drink is jooz (juice) and she calls a blanket a cuddle, which I think is incredibly cute!

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