Goodbye twenties!

I’m sat in my PJs with a gin and knitting, having just tidied and washed up from Mothering Sunday afternoon with our family. It’s just occurred to me that it’s my last day in my twenties! Cue blog.

My twenties have been amazing and full. Graduating from Chester, a year in London, Vicar School, meeting Nathan and getting married, ordination, completing my curacy, running a church for the first time, having Sophia, starting at ASSF.

But gosh, I am a very different person to the girl who said goodbye to her teens ten years ago!

Ten years ago I didn’t drink gin, I would have thought 10pm too early to go out and I absolutely wouldn’t have been knitting!

What a decade, not all of it smooth and some of it bonkers, stupid and confusing. But I’m grateful for every experience because it’s made me who I am and brought me here, now.

But as I said to Mum, Dad and Isabelle over the weekend, where I am now is, broadly, Mirror of Erised type stuff.

In Harry Potter, there’s a mirror where you can only see your hearts desire. The happiest person would look into it and see themselves exactly as they are.

My family are wonderful, my job is fulfilling, my husband is loving and my daughter is my joy. My faith sustains me (& challenges me), my body is fairly healthy and I am blessed to live in the country I do – I know, I know, of course I would make changes if I could, but broadly speaking, food is available, healthcare is free, my education was fantastic and we live in a fairly structurally sound place.

I mean, I wouldn’t say no to little tweaks here and there, and I certainly wouldn’t say no if somebody presented me with an Aston Martin! I’d really like to get colds less frequently (this is a joke now, horrid nursery bugs!). I’d like money to go a bit further, but we are lucky enough to be OK. I’d take a bit more time off if it was going. I could certainly make three wishes to a genie in a lamp if I came across one!

But after a decade of excitement, adventure, change, challenge and upheaval, I am feeling content. And hoping for a little less change in the years to come.

Goodbye twenties, hello thirties!

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