Holy Week as a Deacon: Tuesday


I’m slightly late starting blogging today because there’s been so much going on! I got up late and took my breakfast with me to church. I got caught in the rain on the way and have spent the last 2 hours drying out! I’ve found myself a nice spot near a radiator now though.

Tomorrow I’m taking a funeral in another church because their vicar is away. I’ve just finished the prep and I’ve got my words ready to go. It’s funny really, because having recently felt like I’d gained confidence when it comes to funerals, I’m quite nervous about his one tomorrow because it’s in a brand new context.

At prayers this morning we were focussing on the Last Supper passage in Mark. I was particularly struck by the disciples need to sleep in the garden on Gethsemane just before Jesus was arrested. I think I know a bit how they feel! Maybe there will be time for a nap between my driving lesson and going out for Gospelling the Gospel tonight.


Nathan is amazing. He made me a bacon buttie and a cuppa for lunch! What a star. I’ve got a driving lesson at half one. The benefit of there being so much on this week is that I’ve not had time to get nervous about a driving lesson!


I think… *deep breath* that I might be starting to get this driving thing! Even though I’ve been so tired today, I still had a good lesson with lots of ‘that’s great’, ‘well done!’, ‘smashing’ comments from my instructor! But then again, parallel parks continue to blow my mind somewhat so there’s still a way to go!

So now a quick tea before Gospelling the Gospel and Compline (for Nathan). I’m super excited for tonight, and I hope that everyone who comes gets as much out of it as the actors do when reading it! It’s an amazing story- the very best story!


Everybody say ‘Jesus’!

On stage in 5 minutes! Is the church version of ‘break a leg’ ‘drop a chalice’ do you think?!


So technically it’s Wednesday now, not Tuesday, but that was amazing!

The turn out was great (around the 70 mark), the actors were on point, and it seemed to go down really well! I have had great fun playing Salome, but was most struck tonight by being the woman who was healed after bleeding for 12 years. She sneaks up behind him and touches his cloak, believing that just by touching his clothes she will be healed. Jesus says: ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace’. It really spoke to me tonight. I was a bit teary!

It was weird to have those old theatre pre-show butterflies combined with the conviction of telling a story that I firmly believe to be true. And then to see so many people really listening and engaging with a whole Gospel was just amazing. I am just thrilled that to have been a part of it!

Some of us went to the pub after and had a good natter (hence why we’re back so late!) Nathan managed to come in time for Chapter 11, so he joined us and we had a really pleasant walk home.

Now for sleep! In the morning we have 2 communion services, as we normally would on a Wednesday. I’ll try and check in tomorrow.

Night x

PS if you’re still reading along- thank you! ❤

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