Holy Week as a Deacon: Monday


Good morning! I’m on the train on the way to the Chrism service at the Cathedral. This is where oils are blessed and distributed to the parishes for the year to come. The photo above is of the oil stocks that Nathan brough back from Rome for me, and one is for Baptism, one is for Confirmation and the other is for those who are sick and dying.


I’m currently sat in the Garden of Remembrance at church after a lovely morning in the Cathedral with many other leaders, lay and ordained, from the Diocese. The service was lovely and it was good to chat over lunch afterwards. During the service, there was focus on servant leadership, as we remade our baptismal vows and promises as leaders. There was the chance to receive prayer after communion which I really valued. I’m somehow managing to feel simultaneously refreshed from the service and also even more aware of the commitments and expectations that come with this week. Setting boundaries is always tough, and this week is no exception! Especially when Nathan and I are both people pleasers who like to say ‘yes’ when we can!

Anyway, I’ve got an Asda delivery coming at 4 and lots to do before rehearsal tonight. Thankfully the sun is shining so cycling home will be lovely this afternoon.


In church before rehearsal as the sun is going down, it’s beautifully peaceful. I haven’t got as much done as I’d have liked to this afternoon. There has been much to discuss and I’ve had a phone call with the steadiest and most wonderful of people- my Mum! I did get a bit of funeral prep for Wednesday done though. The Asda shop arrived- this week it’s mostly pot noodles, crisps, ready meals and a bit of fruit! Speed food! But I can’t wait for Sunday lunchtime on Easter Day in The Grapes!

But now for rehearsal. Tomorrow night there will be a dramatised reading of Mark. We’ve called it Gospelling the Gospel. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the text being brought to life by the different voices! Passages have spoken to me in new ways, and I’m enjoying being both the bleeding woman and Salome! Thankfully I don’t have to dance though…


Woah! What a rehearsal! I’d forgotten the feeling when something like this really comes together! The Good Friday narrative was particularly moving, and it brought the pain and darkness of this week into sharper focus.

This morning, the Bishop spoke at the Cathedral about the importance of Jesus’ servant ministry, that the first must be last and the last must be first. It’s weeks like these where it’s easy to get caught up in To Do lists rather than just being and ministering. And although there’s much to be done, there really is, I’m going to try and remember to experience Easter again for myself as a Deacon. As a person who is ordained to serve, because with any luck by next Easter I’ll be a Priest!

So that’s it from me for today. My oats for breakfast are soaking and Morning Prayer starts in 9 and a half hours. Na-night.

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