Holy Week as a Deacon: Easter Day


Alleluia! He is risen!

Blimey, it’s early!


I’ve not had a moment to blog in the last 7 hours, but it was absolutely amazing!

The sunrise service was held outside in the crisp spring air as the sky lightened. The fire crackled and the birds sang as we renewed our baptismal vows.

We were then treated to bacon butties and proper coffee. It was cold but gorgeous, and having never been to a sunrise service before, it was everything I hoped it would be. There was a good turn out and such a lovely atmosphere.

Next we had breakfast with the Bible (breakfast number 2!). We finished our series on Mark, dwelling on both endings of the gospel and all saying how much we’d enjoyed the time to dwell in the Bible together more deeply.

I was a punter, as it were, at the 8.45 service. Our reader, Ruth, led, Mark presided and our ordinand, Chris, spoke about the importance of meaning what we say when we declare ‘Christ is risen!’. We also saw that photo of the mis-printed church banner which said ‘Chris is risen’- especially funny when the sermon is being given by someone called Chris who usually attends the later service!

Then followed the fry up. Oh yes, the third breakfast of the day! The time between the two services can seem like ages, but when you’ve got breakfast to scoff and a service to set up it certainly flies! I organised the mini front being brought to the front, printed my sermon and the service slides and planted ‘clues’ around the church to help me in my sermon!

The 10.45 was utterly fab. As chaotic as usual, fuller than usual and very much worth the hard work. Chris helped me lead, Mark did communion again and I spoke and sprinkled everyone with water as We renewed our baptismal vows again. We finished with a genuinely amazing action song and I was very out of breath by the end!

I’m now waiting for Nathan to have lunch. I’m going to go round to a friend’s house this afternoon for a chill and some long awaited wine. I’m feeling immensely blessed, so joyful and utterly exhausted. If I can get out of bed at all tomorrow it will be a miracle!

But this joy, the joy of knowing that Jesus was resurrected, which changed the world forever, it just beyond anything else a person can experience. The grave could not hold him! He opened the gates to life for us! And he came so that we might have life and have it in abundance!

Happy Easter all, thanks for reading along ❤

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