Holy Week as a Deacon: Saturday


I’m just back from a really good band practise for tomorrow. As we were playing, the church was being decorated for tomorrow. Its lovely to see those moments on joy breaking in. Its going to be alright!


Off I go to this service! No turning back now! I love being a Deacon, but this is super scary. I love to sing, but this is super scary.


I did it! And as I’ve just sung and said, ‘Christ is risen!’ What’s the harm in a cheeky drink before bed?


What a day! Sermon done, song sang and ready for tomorrow. I’ll be up at 5.30 for the sunrise service, followed by breakfast with the Bible, then two communions at 8.45 and 10.45.

Tonight was so lovely. Weirdly, the hardest bit was walking down the aisle in complete darkness with a lit candle… where were the sides of the pews?! How close exactly was I to setting someone on fire? What if I’d set myself on fire?! I just went slow and hoped for the best. It was all great in the end! I also said some words for the first time, words I associate with bread and wine, which I don’t yet do. It was really moving to say them. Combine that feeling with nerves about the song and my notes kept fluttering because of my heavy heart beat!

Anyway, off to sleep now.

Good night on this holiest of nights!

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