Holy Week as a Priest: Easter Saturday


This morning I’m at church to open up for the ladies who are decorating the space in preparation for tomorrow’s celebration. I’m also going to learn how to change the altar frontal because on Thursday night I had no idea how to do it! It’s probably a fairly useful skill to have, as a vicar-y type!

Right, time for a coffee.


The churches are all decorated and I’m off to have lunch with my friend, Emily. The weather is as lovely today as it was yesterday so it will be nice to wander up and down the high street doing my last bits of shopping.


At Christmas, in our family, it is tradition to buy a ‘£20 loaf’. This happens when you go out for a loaf of bread before the shops close for the bank holiday and you somehow manage to spend £20. You know, because you suddenly realise that there is so much stuff that you just might need. This usually happens at Christmas, it can happen just before any bank holiday. The ‘£20 loaf’ today turned into a ‘£50 loaf’ shop because Chateauneuf-du-Pape is on offer… if my car had been closer, I would have bought more than 2 bottles!


Nathan and I met on the landing and ended up having a chat which led to a spontaneous game of Easter themed bananagrams!

Nathan’s is much better than mine. He managed the words Ciaphas and nard.


I’ll be leaving to go to St Michael’s shortly. I’ll be singing the Exsultet again and I’m super nervous!


I did it! I struggled to hold a note still to begin with because my heart was beating so loudly, but I settled into it and really enjoyed it!

I took a photo after the same service last year (see photo & blog here). The two major differences are my hair and the way I wear my stole: I’m a priest now, so it hangs straight down. What a difference a year makes!

The service tonight began in darkness and we gradually lit the candles in the church and turned the lights on for the final hymn. Nathan came too, and ended up doing a reading and giving out orders of service. Once a deacon, always a deacon!

As we headed towards on the way back, Nathan said ‘there’s no queue at Macdonalds…’ in a very hopeful and somewhat cheeky voice.

Yep, you guessed it. We had another Maccies.

Yes, it’s been open 4 days, yes, I’ve been in the carpark 3 times, but don’t judge, it’s Holy Week. We’re saving the curry we were going to have for tomorrow night when it’s all over.

So that’s it for Easter Saturday! The dawn service tomorrow is at 5.45am. That means that I’m setting the alarm for 4.45am. By my reckoning, that’s in about 7 hours time, so I’d best get to bed! I’m seriously considering going in my pyjamas though. Would that be appropriate?

Anyway, goodnight!

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