Holy Week as a Deacon: Good Friday


It’s Good Friday. It’s the day Jesus was crucified. Today we have a service at Holy Trinity, a walk of witness and passion play, and an hour at the cross at St Michael’s. In Holy Trinity this morning, I will read a story called The Rag Man. It’s a powerful telling of a man who went and took the pain of others onto himself so that they could be ok.


How amazing to see so many Christians from all different Churches walking through the village! We all walked to the spot where the Passion Play was taking place.


I have far fewer words today. Despite some lovely moments, I feel so sad. There is a weight to today. Heaven looks away. Jesus has died. It’s gruesome and utterly heart breaking.

My news feed has been full of pictures of chocolate and people saying that Lent is up (no it ain’t!). I feel a world apart.

The TV adverts and full of sales and discounts so that this bank holiday we can fill our lives and our homes with yet more stuff. I saw a ‘Good Friday better than Black Friday deals’ advert. More and more things to distract us from what’s really important.

This guy, he died for you. He loves you. He had so much faith in you, so much faith that you would be worth the pain. You are worth it to him.

If you don’t get it, it’s alright, I didn’t get it for ages either. I spent many years as a child just getting cross on Good Friday, not understanding the significance of the name, and mostly looking forward to the jacket potatoes at holiday club.

If the biggest excitement of your weekend is the prospect of a new sofa or what drink deals are on, or opening an Easter egg, just pause for a second and have a think abour what it’s really all about.

There is nothing wrong with a great sofa deal, 2 for 1 vodka and cokes or golden bunnies. But if that is the best this weekend has to offer you, you are really missing out.

Today is dark, but the son is going to rise.

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