Holy Week as a Priest: Maundy Thursday


First things first, a huge tea in my Poppy mug.

Then Morning Prayer, a bit of time in the office and brunch out with Nathan. We try to block out some time to spend with each other during Holy Week. It’s just for one meal, and the time has had to shift slightly due to the funeral, but it should still be nice.


Morning Prayer ✅ Printing for tomorrow’s service ✅ Printing for Sunday’s service ✅ little bits of admin ✅

I’ll now head back home to find Nathan.


Nathan is setting up the chapel for the vigil this evening and forgot what time we were meeting. I’ll get on with some ironing then!


As I’m stood waiting for the funeral to start, there are lots of people here and I’ve counted no less than 7 clergy, including myself. What a testament to a person who was a joy to work with, always offering their support.

There is something lovely about Christian funerals. They are, of course, sad, and yet they are also very hopeful.


I’m not ashamed to say that I cried at the funeral! Les’s wife sang in the choir and the whole service reflected his kindness, strength and love of music.

These words above the organ at St Michael’s have always struck me. ‘In the midst of the congregation I will praise thee’. I used to be worried that I’d get into parish and wouldn’t be able to worship because I’d been too distracted, but that’s not the case at all. Worship isn’t a problem with talented and caring people around me.


Nathan has spent a bit of time cleaning today and it’s made all the difference! He’s hoovered, dusted and mopped. What a star!


We have just finished our Maundy Thursday service. I love how simple the table looks once it has been stripped. It makes me think of the meal that was eaten by Jesus and his friends. I don’t think it can have been a very fancy table. Jesus was a humble carpenter, after all.

This evening, Ruth, one of our readers, talked to us about how remembrance is the action of remembering. Every time we have communion at church, it is an act of remembrance. At communion, we remember Jesus’ sacrifice of himself.

At the end of the service, I spoke the words that Jesus said to the disciples: ‘could you not keep watch for one hour?’. With that in mind, there is a watch at St Peter’s tonight so I’m going there to pray for an hour.


Towards the end of that hour I was yawning loads! I can understand why the disciples were snoozing on Maundy Thursday- this stuff is intense!

Nathan and I have had our meal together after all, even if it is a few hours late!

A huge Macdonalds opened in Formby yesterday and it would have been rude not to support it! I think Nathan is happy about having Big Macs a 5 minute drive away!

I’ll drop him off at church for the rest of the watch shortly. For me, however, it will be PJs and bed!


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