Half Way Through New Wine


For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m currently away with church at a Christian conference called New Wine. There are something like 8000 people on site, 450 of whom are aged 8-9. They come along to the Rock Solid venue, and they are looked after by a team of 90. I help look after those 90 people in the role of team pastor. 

So, we’ve just finished session 6/12 which means that we are half way through! For me though, I have delivered 2/3 of my talks and delivered the two Bible stories I had to do last night, so I am more like 75% of the way through, in terms of what i have to deliver.

So far, it’s gone really well. The kids are responding to God in amazing and beautiful ways and the team seem to be increasingly more and more engaged.

New Wine is usually the third toughest week of the year, only being topped by Christmas and Easter. We have the kids in the morning from 8.45-12.30 and 6.45-9 in the evening. In total, there are 12 sessions, and we meet for an hour before each one for team time. For me, I am in the venue by 7.30 in the morning and I head to bed about 10.30. I am rarely used to so little sleep, but that’s where the caffeine gets me through!


Today, however, was the ‘day off’ which meant that I got the morning to sleep in. My body very much appreciated 9 hours sleep! I had lunch with my friend, Philippa and then a BBQ with team Standford. It’s been a lovely day.

Some thoughts at this point in the week include:

  • God is incredibly generous and gracious
  • Prayer gets better and easier the more you do it.
  • It is very loud in a tent during a thunderstorm!
  • Getting out of my comfort zone is very rewarding
  • The team food is pretty good this year
  • I miss Nathan
  • It’s great having Philippa here
  • I like the new site. It drains copious amounts of water well
  • I love to teach

More to follow in the weekly check-in on Friday!

Love & prayers

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